Carbonate Technology

Up to 2,300 bottles per hour

The Meheen Tank Manager was designed to help brew masters monitor and control their product by precisely managing temperature and carbonation levels both in product and in tank head space. The Tank Manager will become an invaluable partner, allowing you to achieve consistent production while eliminating the time consuming steps of manual carbonation. Just like your thermostat at home, set the Meheen Tank Manager to your exact CO2 specifications and be ready to bottle or keg your beverage in no time.


Simply Sophisticated

The Tank Manager is a sophisticated micro-processor that controls tank temperatures, automatic carbonating, carbonation levels and dispensing pressures for up to two tanks per machine.

Control Freak

The Tank Manager’s easy to use touch screen display panel provides unmatched exactness and clarity to the carbonation process, allowing you to leverage your labor force and reduce product variables.

CO2 is number one

Use the Tank Manager to purge your beverage with CO2 through the carbonating stone and step control the entire carbonating process to the desired volumes of CO2.
* Tank Manager pressure sensors have a range of 0-14.9psi (0-1.03Bar)

Cool Operator

The Tank Manager precisely displays and controls tank temperatures and the output control signals used for the tank cooling system.