A comprehensive range of features are included as standard with the E-Coder yet it is priced for the budget conscious user
who does not want to compromise on quality. The external digital control unit allows ne setting adjustments to be made in
order to maximise print quality and an accurate foil adjustment system ensures that wastage is kept to an absolute minimum.


Flexible options

There are a wealth of optional extras to
make your E-Coder as exible as your
production. Standard mounting frames,
custom mounting frames, printing foil, custom type holders, steel and brass type, rotarynumbering units, printing dies and spare foil magazines.

Mounting Frames

The optional E-Coder mounting frame is the basis for many installations. It can be supplied in a standard form or ready adapted to suit speci c host machinery.

Digital Control Unit

The external digital control unit allows fine setting adjustments to be made to maximise print quality.