Thermocode Series 2

Thermocode Series 2 is a high speed in-line continuous and intermittent motion thermal transfer overprinter range providing
an ideal solution to virtually all on-line thermal transfer printing applications. Compatible with most continuous and
intermittent motion packaging and labelling machinery, Thermocode Series 2 is suitable for in-line coding onto most exible
packaging materials.


Intermitent Motion

The Thermocode Series 2 Intermittent motion range of on-line Thermal Transfer printers encompasses six models offering print areas from 53 x 53mm (2.09” x 2.09”) to 107 x 160mm  (4.21” x 6.23”).

Continous Motion

Available in two print widths, 53mm (2.09”) and 107mm (4.21”), the Thermocode Series 2 continuous range can print images up to 500mm (19.68”) long and can be supplied in right and left-handed versions.

Smart Screen Interface

The range of printers can be operated locally from the user-friendly control module, directly from a PC or via the Open Date Networking facility. To offer maximum exibility each printer is supplied, as standard, with a copy of our
Windows based format design software