Hasta 5 líneas de impresión

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Características Técnicas

  • Tipo de impresión: Barcode, logo, texto alfanumérico.
  • Altura máxima: 0 – 15mm
  • Superficies de impresión: Embalaje primario, secundario y materia prima
  • Ergonomic industrial stainless steel IP65 cabinet protected against water jets, vapor and dust.

  • Up to 5 lines with characters height from 0,8 to 14 mm with micro print nozzle for high resolution print.

  • Real-time production calculation and download on USB key of production report.
  • Interconnected: module “Serial Interpreter” decodes and converts the information coming from external devices as ERP, PLC, balance, scanner, labelling systems.

  • Total remote control and monitoring of the printer.