Half Pint OD

The Half Pint OD (orbital discharge) mobile depalletizer is designed for mobile packaging and breweries with strict space restrictions. The first spinning design of its kind features a 30-inch wheel, allowing for greater buildup, higher line speeds, a smaller footprint, and a better angle of drop for the rinse cage. The wheel can run clockwise or counterclockwise, allowing two discharges to be installed for different can sizes with little or no change. Without a vibrator, this machine is essentially silent. No installation is required, making it an excellent choice for small breweries and mobile applications. Watch the video below to see it in action.

Technical characteristics

  • Patent pending rotary design
  • Stainless steel and lightweight aluminum construction.
  • Speeds from 10 CPM to 80 CPM
  • Minimum air consumption (<1 CFM @ 30 PSI) (<.03cmm @ 2 Bar)
  • 120V or 220V single phase
  • Can accommodate multiple can sizes with little or no change
  • Removable doors allow over 180 degrees of flexibility for rinsing cage unloading and placement
  • Fully automated once the pallet is inserted into the machine and the straps and level frame are removed
  • Lightweight with wheels to facilitate movement.
  • Take half aluminum pallets and other containers.
  • Designed for low clearance applications such as box trucks or low roofs
  • Optional CE certification
  • Includes a rinse cage, discharge stand, tool box and storage area