CryoDoser Flex

Up to 12 cans per minute

CryoDoser FleX Liquid Nitrogen Dosing System is the first doser with the ability to serve every dosing application.

Within a unit Chart Inc. has designed a new dosing system that can be used from the slowest to the fastest production lines. The most efficient dosing system to date, the CryoDoser FleX system is the only liquid nitrogen dispenser you need. The CryoDoser FleX unit is offered with two controllers, Craft Custom and Pack Premier.


Compact size: allows installation in limited spaces

Discrete dosage: Craft Custom (750 cpm) and Pack Premier (2000+ cpm)

Compatible with SoftDose ™ – Chart’s proven technology for hot, powder and granular fill applications

MicroDose ™ Standard: el Pack Premier tiene una función de controlador que permite ajustes de presión de dosificación

RemoteDose ™ Standard *: Monitor, troubleshoot and make adjustments while connected to your VPN

ExacTrack ™: With the new EDS (Electric Dosing System), supreme precision is achieved. Proportionally control the amount the actuator opens and make changes to the dosing duration in 0.1 ms increments.

Warranty: four (4) years vacuum guarantee; The Industry’s Highest One (1) Year Controller Warranty